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This is a true story that happened last Saturday. A little history.... I'm married to Julie for 15 years. She looks better now at 36 I had at 18 years and has worked hard, her figure size 80-10 (UK ). She has great legs, a tight maxporn ass and 34A tits with a maxporn tight little tummy and pussy as he had no children. maxporn She is very shy - until he had a few drinks when it actually opens. A Through the years he had been trying, Julie shaves her pussy, but she always complained about the prospect n for the rest of their lives, etc, etc razor Then, a month ago when we were both very drunk at the pub, he suggested I should shave her pussy and she made ​​a small tattoo down there. Now I love the idea that another tattoo and the idea was very sexy, but nothing happened. I raised the issue two weeks ago while they were sober, and to my surprise, he remembered the conversation of being drunk and laugh at him. So what has happened..... Last Saturday we went to trailern of a little shop with the intention of a pub lunch. Julie, as she was not dressed for a day - tight sweater, skirt and high boots long point -heeled black knee with robbery and tight underwear. spent some time together shopping and then we broke for 30 minutes before the meeting in the bar. We enjoyed a couple of drinks and Julie was very relaxing for a bottle of wine. I liked the feel of their robberies through her skirt and began to talk about the tattoo idea. Then she surprised me by opening a bag and showed me a newly purchased razors and foam. Then he laughed, got up and went to the bathroom. N As you can imagine, I was at the bar with a hard cock in my effort maxporn to fly with all kinds of thoughts go through my head, see also After 15 minutes came back and said, Julie, let's go , and went and left me in his pockets and his hair to bite. came and asked me where I almost cum in my pants when he told the tattoo shop. , maxporn onceinside, I asked if I wanted to see the books, but she said no, he knew and told me to sit and wait. You spoke with a young man at the counter and was taken to the back of the store. At this point I had no idea what was going on and sat in agony for 45 minutes, until it came out. kissed me long and wet and grabbed my cock through my pants asked if I was ready for a demon. in no time we were back maxporn in demand at home, and she took me to the room and sat with me if I see your new tattoo (there are some questions in life that are simply stupid) wanted. Julie stood in front of me and lifted her skirt around her waist showing her freshly shaved pussy and tattoo. I almost choked when I saw that there was a small picture of a penis and testicles, right next to her slit. 'Lick my pussy' she said. When I grabbed the back of her thighs with stockings and pussy on my mouth, I could smell the sex on her and asked what had happened. I told the young gu took it in the back room and said, with her skirt around her waist and padded reject the elevator in the bank. He fell into a panic a little when he was a client and another tattoo, a bald man with beer belly old in the room, but just maxporn took a deep breath, lifted her skirt and relaxed - showing stockings maxporn and panties, all of them. The man said he had to lose the panties, so her butt and pulled up her wet in her legs, her pussy like her. The young man sat between his knees and pulled the image to be tattooed next to her pussy. As he did, it felt as if he were about to explode. He stood up and said that the tattoo would be with her in a minute before the space. She stayed with the client and artist of thick old tattoo. Julie was a little disappointed that the young man had left and suddenly the old man realized his tattoo. within a minute the other customers had gone - but not before stopping Julies attempt feet, the old man in conversation, while watching Julie 's commitment and thigh stockings shaven mound. after his death, the old man smiled and sat between Julia 's legs around his work must begin. He said that at first hand on your abdomen, while his tattoo, but after a minute or two, his hand moved to her pussy. extended his hand over her mound and spread his feigned each side of the tattoo, but kept his thumb on her clitoris, rubbing gentling, while he worked. felt like I was there with the semen and then worked as the feeling of the needle and thumb into her vagina and clitoris. She swears that she was his hot breath on her exposed sex. As soon as he said he had finished, she asked where the bathroom and the kitchen was a small cubicle. sat down maxporn and began to urinate, and when she wanted her orgasm hit her and she gave him a rough massage the clitoris. When she left, she was surprised to see that the artist thick, old tattoo standing with a big smileon his face. He told me to sit at the kitchen table while he's cleaned and dressed the tattoo. When he did, he slid his thumb against her clit and she began to moan as another orgasm deceived. The old man smiled and told him to enjoy, as she put two fingers into her pussy. The next thing she feels his hard cock maxporn slide through the entrance of her sex. She said nothing, but threw her legs on either side of the leg maxporn when he slipped on it - as long as a oragasm swam to the next. within a few quick strokes shot his load on maxporn her before retiring and wiped his cock in their packages of rock. that her orgasm off and the reality of what they did to their rhythm. She just smiled and hurried to the front of the store where she kissed me aggressively. As soon as they say it was over I stood up and raised it in the neck before unpacking the couch and pushed maxporn my cock inside maxporn her. I no more thanA few minutes before recording it. later spoke about what happened and he did not want it to happen again, but I know that after a few drinks can his hat again. I can not wait.
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